Mike Dalto

Hello, I am Michele Dalto, a wine maker in the DOCG area of Valdobbiadene.
Since 2003, I have produced my wines, driven by what always has been my philosophy: being innovative and open to new ideas, welcoming new people to bring along my journey, which repeats in a different way every season, but always starts from what mother nature brings us, with the goal of always delivering the best experience inside each bottle.

I grow my grapes in between the Prosecco Hills and the Dolomites, two World renowned Unesco heritages, always paying attention to eco sustainability, and Slow life philosophy, which always respects the time that nature requires in order to obtain a prolific relationship between man and mother Earth.
This is how my wines are born: Svelato d’artista and Madresàl.

Come and meet them in my winery!


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